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Oct 292014

hey studs i spent all day cleaning house i started with the kitchen then hit my nice bed room i started to put the cam on while i cleaned but i don't know if they would allow that or not but i wish you guys was the to watch me i was cleaning nude shh don't tell anyone :)..lol have a great day

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Oct 292014

Just wanted to talk a little about my first couple of days, as I'm still new. I won't lie, I find it a bit addicting. I love broadcasting and having conversations with you guys. You make me feel great about myself. I have really enjoyed pleasing you, whether it involves breaking my toes (Hehe) or spreading my cheeks apart. And if I keep on fucking this pillow I believe I just might set it on fire. I have had a lot of fun, and this is just the beginning. I welcome all requests no matter how big, how weird you might think it is, or how intense. This is definitely an experience I enjoy. I believe that I was made to do this, i can feel it inside like a fiery passion that has been waiting to be released. So don't be shy, not even the slightest bit, because I enjoy raising you up and imagining you moan as you escalate to the clouds in the sky. This is my first blog of many, and be sure to let everyone know. The Crow has arrived ;) See you in my room, sparks flying and teeth shining. Don't forget to inbox me those wonderful ideas! Muah!!! ~Kaeden

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Oct 292014

When the guy at one end of the street turned me on as much as the girl at the other end of the street, I was confused. I knew about the opposite sex, but no one had told me yet about feelings being aroused by the same sex. I wanted to be near him and see him; he was so funny and smart and interesting and ...cute! I wanted to hear his laugh, see his smile, and rub on his cock?!?! It just didn't make any sense to me. I was a boy, so why did my pants become too tight every time that he came around? The girl at the other end of the street was really sweet and pretty; I liked her a lot, enough to masturbate to the thought of her almost daily. The guy, however, was more fun to be with; it was just easier to talk to him and be myself. We became friends, and eventually I got him to spend the night. After all the lights were out, I pulled out my recently pilfered nudity magazine and we delighted in the scenes of flesh captured in it's pages. I noticed that he pants were rising, and mine were too. I slipped a hand down to my cock. I was stroking though my pants and he saw. "What are you doing!?" he asked wide eyed."Dude," I said, " how can you not jack it to this," pointing with my free hand to a huge dick slid halfway inside a puss.He didn't say anything, but gripped his cock through his pants as well. I slipped my hand inside my pants. I was so turned on that we were stroking side by side that I started panting heavily and was really working it. His hand transitioned to the inside, also. I pulled my pants down to make it easier, and he followed suit. I could see his cock now, and that's where my eyes stayed while I jerked off. His was bigger than mine, and had prominent veins bulging on the side. I had heard of blow jobs and always wondered what it felt like...to get and to give. I pushed the mag out of the way and dove toward the beautiful flesh pop. I heard him stifle an exclamation as his whole body went stiff, but he let my head stay where it was. Soon, he relaxed and grabbed my head, thrusting into my mouth with reckless abandon. There was no sound, no warning, just wet warmth in my mouth. I swallowed.The next morning, we ate pop tarts in silence, then he walked home. He never came back over, but I knew I was bi.

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Oct 292014

I have noticed that a question that has come up several times since I have started doing this is "Why are you doing this?" And the answer is pretty simple if not a bit drawn out due to my wordiness. It is something that I had considered for several years, but could never really pull the trigger on. Nonetheless, it was something that had interested me for some time.The reason is that I was, as my mother would put it, a born entertainer. She kind of knew I would be an actor from the time I was able to speak. I always had a knack for giving people a show. As my life went on, that manifested itself in the way of becoming a musician. A few years after that, I went to college to major in theatre. It was in college that my penchant for being free with nudity due to a high level of comfort with my body and an innate desire to show it off to others came to the surface.I have also always been a highly sexual being, and I get a pretty big thrill from exhibitionism. The idea of someone, be they familiar or stranger, getting off to me getting off was extremely exciting to me.So there you have it. An innate desire to entertain, comfort with my body and a desire and willingness to show it off, a high sex drive and the thrill of sharing my sex drive with others created a perfect storm for me to finally say "Hey...why not give camming a try?"

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Oct 282014

Just wanted to tell everyone that I have been enjoying being on this site and I love the people on here their awesome and I enjoy chatting and the private shows where I do whatever they want.Hope to blog again soon and Im waiting on you.

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